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Other Transaction Authority (OTA) is the term used to refer to a type of procurement that the Department of Defense uses for acquiring basic, applied, or advanced research and prototype projects  when it has been determined that it is in the government’s best interest  to enter into an agreement that is not a contract, grant, or  cooperative agreement. NTDC Consortium members have access to the Knowledge Sharing Center, which contains training modules and other resources that will equip them to understand, and successfully participate  in Department of Defense OTA projects.

Seeking and Sharing Opportunities

The government wants to obtain cutting edge R&D technology from non-traditional contractors. But those entities need to know when and where to look for the solicitations. Our experienced management team is focused on advancing opportunities for non-traditional defense contractors. So we identify opportunities, explain the requirements and put together a competitive team capable of delivering the specified research and development effort. Members receive notification of teaming opportunities, invitations to participate and assistance in preparing their contribution to proposals.

Leveraging Collaboration

The NTDC Consortium brings together small companies, non-profits, research institutions, and other non-traditional defense contractors to solve DoD challenges in a specific technology or mission area. The involvement of non-traditional contractors gives defense program managers access to a broader range of technology experts. Because OTAs are not governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), they are a highly flexible acquisition tool. Each military service has authority to execute OTAs up to $250 million, and every OTA must have at least one nontraditional defense contractor participating.


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